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Working with the Law since 1995

After more than 25 years of practice, at Antonio Fernández García, Abogados, we work together with clients when they ask us about a project that they are going to start or when they are going to sign an important contract or, simply, they want us to be there for quotidian tranquility. We help them, as Lawyers, professional experts in Law, not only to avoid having legal problems in the future, but also to correctly take advantage of the incentives and tools that the law gives to any activity. A law is a way of trying to order a sector of reality and, if we adapt well to it, we will have an adequate profile to act in that area.

This Law Firm offers personalized, competent and agile services to individuals or companies who come to us looking for expert professionals in Law.

Work areas

Private Law

We deal with Private Law (Civil, Company, Commercial and Consumer), that covers matters related to purchases, leases, companies and other legal entities, contracts of a very diverse nature; it also covers property rights and limited real rights such as easements or usufruct. Regarding inheritances, we cover the entire itinerary, from the preparation of the will, to the division of the inheritance, with all its attached tax issues.


Administrative, general and tax Law

Likewise, we offer our advice on administrative, general and tax Law, taking all kinds of resources and claims against settlements, sanctions, etc. Subsidy applications and related matters also fall within our service area. And the client is accompanied in expropriation proceedings. In particular, we offer our services in relation to the Hydrographic Confederations and Communal Irrigation entities.

Territorial scope of action

Although we offer our services to people or companies around the world, our territory of action is Spain. If the action can be resolved electronically, it reaches the entire country. If it involves going to a physical location, we limit ourselves to the areas of Extremadura (provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres), Seville and Madrid.

Customer service languages

Our languages ​​are Spanish (native), Portuguese (level C-2), English (level B-2). We have also a limited competence in German (level B-1).

Reaction to legal conflicts

Another type of services that Antonio Fernández García, Abogados, offers are of a reactive type: a sanction, a lawsuit has been received or we feel that something is happening to us that is unfair and we want to defend ourselves against that fine or that neighbor’s claim, or a unjustified damage to our assets or our way of life, and we are looking for someone to help us recover the balance or state prior to that evil that we have suffered.

Tailor-made solutions and always within the law.

Many times, what our firm, Antonio Fernández García, Abogados, offers to the client, individuals or companies, goes beyond explaining or finding a specific rule, but has something of craftsmanship, personalized design, innovation in legal formulas, trying to discover the way to provide the best fair solution for the client, always within the Law. The Lawyer in charge of the Firm, has a Law Degree and a Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Catholic Institute of Business Administration and Management (ICADE E-3, Comillas Pontifical University), one of the most prestigious centers for university studies in Spain. For this reason, he has a wide background to put himself in the client’s shoes and be able to find the most appropriate solutions.

Ethical principles. Professional deontology.

All of our actions, at Antonio Fernández García, Abogados, are subject to the general ethical principles and those specific to our profession. These ethical duties are mainly included in the Code of Ethics of the Spanish Lawyers (https://www.abogacia.es/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Codigo-Deontologico-2019.pdf). And they are always a necessary starting point for us. Our clients must know that they are going to hear us tell them the truth; even if it’s unpleasant. They shouldn’t expect us to flatter them either, but to be honest and trustworthy at all times. At Antonio Fernández García, Abogados, we are committed ourselves to point out the pros and cons, to be realistic and not to make empty promises.

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Colegiado nº 2.518 del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Badajoz.

Colegiado nº 2.518
del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Badajoz.

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